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Software Engineer

A wide range of Projects and Applications!

Show Me!


A number of Java and Python coding tutorials!

Teach Me!


Guitar Videos, Covers, and Tutorials!

Entertain Me!


My name is Adam Goins and my goal:
To share my Passion with the world.

"A passion contained is no passion at all"

  I offer a great selection of programming videos where I'll teach you many things including:

  - Basic Java and Python syntax and coding practices.
  - Graphical User Interfaces in JavaFX and Java Swing.
  - Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets to be used with JavaFX for customization.
  - How to create applications such as Instant Messaging Servers/Clients.
  - Android App Developement.
  - And more!

  I also offer many instructional guitar tutorials as well, including Guitar covers and detailed walkthroughs of how to play some of your favorite songs!

  If you see something you like or would like to talk, please feel free to contact me! I'm always prompt with my responses, and look forward to hearing from you.

Software Engineer

The screen is my canvas, my keyboard the brush. The paint? My imagination

 Programming is without a doubt one of the most important concepts  in our Society today. It plays such a vital role in most of our lives,  and most people don't even realize it.

 Your cell phone, email, computers, our lives are more dependent on  computers than we think, and almost every field in the world involves  computers in some way.

 I want to give the world a chance to learn and understand the beauty  of Computer Science. It's a world full of possibilities and wonder,
 and I think anyone that has the desire to learn should be able to do  so freely and without constraint.

 With that being said, I aim to share everything I've learned over the years and try and branch out and help those who want to learn more.

 No matter what your skill level is, if you're here to learn then there's a place here for you.


The one language understood by all

Music is another one of those things that has deep ties with everyone. Communicated through melody, it isn't constrained by language.

I've been playing guitar since 2009 and with that, offer a variety of guitar videos and lessons.

everything ranging from Guitar Covers, to instructional videos, I'm here to share with you whatever experience you're here to get.

So rather you want to learn, or just be entertained, navigate to my music page and let the fun begin.

Ordained Minister

Weddings, Funerals, Events

 Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, I am certified to perform weddings and other  events one might need a Minister for.

 I'm very open to helping with such events, if you find yourself in need of a Minister, feel free  to send me a message and we can talk!